Essex Acoustic Piano EUP-123E

Essex Acoustic Piano EUP-123E

Essex Acoustic Piano EUP-123E

مدل: (EUP-123E)
وضعیت: موجود
برند محصول: اشتنوی Steinway & Sons l
پیانو آکوستیک 
مدل: EUP-123E
برند: Essex
کشور سازنده: ژاپن
ارتفاع: 123 سانتی متر
عرض: 151 سانتی متر
عمق: 67 سانتی متر
وزن: 268 کیلوگرم
رنگ: قهوه ای Walnut
فینیش: Satin (مات)

Acoustic Piano
A balanced upright piano with elegantly proportioned, straight legs.
Its traditional design will enrich a wide variety of decorative styles.


Designed by Steinway & Sons in collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber, the Essex has been created as a tribute to the idea that beautiful piano styles and finishes can and should be possible in every price range. With elegant traditional styling and museum-quality finishes, Essex will be a stunning addition to your home. And it is available in an array of models, sizes, and veneers to fit every décor and every lifestyle.

The Essex incorporates the latest design and engineering enhancements from Steinway’s dedicated research and development team. By utilizing specially engineered materials, large-scale production techniques, and carefully selected manufacturing environments, the Essex is able to deliver a level of musical performance previously unattainable in its price range.

مشخصات فنی Essex Acoustic Piano EUP-123E

نوع : پیانو آکوستیک
شکل بدنه : upright
فینیش : Satin (مات)
رنگ : Walnut
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